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Blow the whistle mobile app

The Blow the Whistle initiative is about empowering women and children, and giving them their voices back — reducing their vulnerability. One of the major problems in our country is that our women and children feel unsafe when they are alone. The aim of the Blow the Whistle App is to change that. To make the people of our country feel safe and to feel like they are being watched over, even when they are alone.
To do this we have created a Mobile App that provides a platform for a person´s friends or family to watch over them when they are by themselves or feeling vulnerable.

Mobile phones are the perfect platform to reach everybody in the country. There are more mobile phones in South Africa than there are people, making the device a perfect panic button or warning alert.
The concept of the App is simple. We have developed a private panic button that allows you to connect with 4 selected "Guardians" quickly and easily in an emergency — allowing them to watch over you at all times.
The app can also be set to monitor your journey´s automatically. By entering in how long you think a journey will take, the app will monitor your progress, and alert your guardians, along with your coordinates, if the time runs out before you stop or extend the journey. The app is PIN protected so that only you can stop or extend a journey. It also contains a panic button that will send an alert to your guardians if held down for 5 seconds.
For a complete walkthrough of the Blow The Whistle App, download the manual below

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