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Blow The Whistle Photo Shoot

This photo shoot was done on 20 and 21 January 2014, with international photographer Sam Norval which will be published in the Legacy Inspires magazine February/March 2014. This “ladies-only” shoot included some of the Ambassadors of the Blow the Whistle – Sureshnie Rider, Nicole Fox, Kerry McGregor, Tracy McGregor, Zuraida Jardine, Sureshnie Rider, Zakeeya Patel, Fix Moeti, Tamlin Cardoso, Vanessa Haywood, Catherine Grenfell, Cindy Nell, Roxy Louw, Bailey Schneider and Kriya Gangiah. These Ambassadors include some of South Africa’s most beautiful woman who posed with the whistles we have produced – for the very purpose of driving the message that “just because I’m sexy, it doesn’t mean you can rape me” Ambassadors, celebrities and models are selected based on their influence in society and because many South African woman, children and the community at large, look up to these figures. Hence we believe that they would inspire others - not only those who have been a victim of rape but for the rest of South Africa to support it too, hence being instrumental in activating the difference we seek to make.

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