James Costello

Entertainer/Producer/Social Media Lifestyle Guru

I am immensely honoured and humbled to be partnered with Blow The Whistle; working together to eradicate the shame, fear, guilt and powerlessness of sexual abuse/incest. 

I am an adult survivor of many childhood traumas - a violent alcoholic father, an emotional concentration camp at school and a severely psychologically disturbed mother who also sexually abused me until her death when I was 22.

I want to share my history and story so that everyone; especially boys who are being abused by women and anyone in a power-play dynamic of spiritual torture and pain, can see that Healing IS possible...Change CAN happen...someone DOES care!

It is also important to note that Healing does not mean it DIDN'T happen..it did. 

It means that, with Love's help, it is DEFINITELY possible to live a life beyond that which the damaged "you" thought would be possible.

Oh...and also that you must ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, speak YOUR truth!

Eventually, the right person WILL hear you...