Keenan Arrison


"South Africa is one the most beautiful countries in the world. It boasts long stretched beaches, never ending mountain ranges and a palette of people and cultures which makes us unique. It seems we live in a country that really cares for one another, and we are very good at expressing and showing this, especially to those looking in. Even though the aforementioned is true, the latter is the façade amongst its people.

I feel it is important to be a part of this initiative as I have been directly affected by this ‘fearless beast’ - as I’m sure we all have in one way or another. It is our responsibility as a nation, also as individuals to fight crime head-on, and show how tired we are with crime in South Africa. There are way too many innocent people dying daily due to this criminal mind-set that plagues this wonderful nation. I believe Blow The Whistle is the best vehicle to help us focus all our energy on the vision we have for this country. I am proud to be associated with BTW, as it stands for what so many of us believe in. We are so paralyzed with fear and lack of trust in our government, that some of us have given up completely - lost all hope - and left our place of birth. Enough is enough!  This program aims to set us forward on the right foot, and is something I am eager to be involved with. Let us stand together with Blow The Whistle and take our people and our country back.

My name is Keenan Arrison, and I am proud to be associated with the ‘Blow the Whistle’ Campaign."