Jonathan Boynton-Lee

TV Presenter

I honestly believe that we live in the most beautiful country in the world, with the most beautiful people. But, our crime statistics are unacceptable. How is it that this magical place at the tip of the African continent, a place that changes the lives of all who come here, how is it that this very special place with the "friendliest people” has become synonymous with crime. This precious country that I love with all my heart is being torn apart. A lot is said about crime, people complain and they get angry, they write comments on social media, in the press. Yes, so much is said, but nothing is done. The time has come to act. We can no longer stand by and rely on others to make a change. 1 in 3 of our women are raped. It’s heartbreaking and shocking statistics like this that signal a desperate need for action. A need to give voices to the victims. It’s up to us as proud South Africans to make a difference. From now on I act. And today I ask that you all act with me. Together, let us blow the whistle.