Vic Naidoo

5FM Radio Presenter

As humans, we are governed by our emotions - often there's a shame and stigma that comes with being abused. I think one of the main issues is that victims are afraid to speak out.NO MEANS NO!!! We need to stand up for the weak, and defenceless. Abuse continues to rise, as the human race progresses? clearly this indicates we are not eradicating this issue, and perpetrators are not phased. We can't turn a blind eye - because doing so only perpetuates the pandemic and fear. My mom comes to mind when I interact with women - I ask myself how I would treat my mom if this stranger was my mom - then feelings of love, respect, and protection pour down. Because that is how I would want my mom to be treated.

I grew up in a very matriarchal family - surrounded by strong, and kind women all my life. We need to protect them, because their contribution to society is so important. Women alone have raised some of the greatest leaders, thinkers, and people who make the world a better place.

Children need to be brought up respecting women, and each other. Boys and girls must be  taught to respect themselves, and treated equally. Because when we treat genders differently - we only add to the cycle of abuse.